Current Version iFroze1.1, released 2010, Oct 27
Upgrade immediately as this fixes crashes and reduces the possibility of losing data.
The Free version allows 15 unique categories of food (sufficient to decide if the app works for a potential user).

A simple in-app purchase of the paid version will allow unlimited freezer inventories. No information already entered into iFroze will be lost.

General operation:

  1. Create top level categories (such as pizza, frozen diner, meat)
  2. Create sub-categories (for example in the meat category, add burgers, wings, hotdogs, boxes of chicken fingers)
  3. Create as many layers of sub-categories as you like for organizing your freezer inventory.
  4. Add specific dated items within subcategories (for example, add to the “burgers” category). Don’t forget to increment the quantity if you bought more than one.
  5. When removing items from freezer, simply navigate to the item, select item details, and decrement the counter.

When the last item is removed, you are asked if you want this item on your shopping list. Shopping lists can be updated any time by clicking the shopping carts with a “+” or “-” on them.

Bring up the shopping list from the bottom navigation to see what is on the list. This list is stored on your device, so you do not need a wireless connection when at the store.

Bring up the “what is due” list from the bottom navigation to see what food you should consider using or removing soon.

News about iFroze is at iFroze.TwoOldBeans.com

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